10 bars for tapas in Conil de la Frontera

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10 bars for tapas in Conil de la Frontera

Conil de la Frontera has become one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Cádiz.

Its proximity to the capital of the province, its beaches and historical and gastronomic heritage make it one of the favorite destinations to relax on vacation.

Although on this occasion, what will move us will be to enjoy a good tapa and fill the craw. In Conil de la Frontera we can find a great variety of tapas bars, ideal to taste all the delicacies of the place. Who says no to a good tapa of pescaíto?

A way to enjoy the food accompanied by a good beer or wine at a very affordable price.

The 10 best bars for tapas in Conil de la frontera

Here are the 10 best tapas bars in Conil de la Frontera as rated by TripAdvisor, so you can experience in your own flesh the delicious delicacies of each place.

Feduchy Lounge bar in Conil de la Frontera

1.- Feduchy Conil

Formerly, the establishment was used as a pleasure house by the Feduchy family, a family of merchants with great purchasing power in the city of Cadiz.

The restaurant serves tapas at noon and in the evening acts as a nightclub after dinner.

You can find both innovative and traditional style dishes. The menu varies seasonally and the food varies according to what is available in the market, surprising with creative and delicious dishes.

Bar La cachorra perdida in Conil de la frontera

2.- The Lost Puppy

It is a Gastro Bar located in Herrería street nº3. Here you can taste local and international dishes, tapas and signature dishes as well as delicious homemade desserts.

The restaurant has small rooms with a rustic-modern decoration and a terrace to eat at ease on sunny days.

Bar la Diligencia in Conil de la Frontera

3.- Bar La Diligencia

Bar La Diligencia is a restaurant and Mediterranean tapas bar located at Calle Gonzalo Sánchez Fuentes nº3, in the Cadiz town of Conil de la Frontera. It stands out for its mixture of styles in the preparation of the dishes and for its open-air terrace.

Bar el Portillo in Conil de la Frontera

4.- Bar el Portillo

A traditional bar with good tapas and portions, central location, friendly service and affordable prices. All these factors ensure that your terrace is never empty. Among its gastronomic offerings are its fried fish (cuttlefish, squid, marinated dogfish), shrimp omelettes, fried potatoes, octopus salad, Iberian lagartito, shrimp skewers and good meats. They don’t allow reservations, so you’ll have to go early if you want to get a seat.

La Tasca de Juan Conil de la Frontera

5.- Tasca de Juan

One of the best known locals in Conil and with an unbeatable location , right next to Santa Catalina Church and a few steps from La Torre de Guzman. 

The friendliness and attentiveness of the staff, combined with the ambiance and quality of the food makes people want to come back again and again.

They have a good selection of tapas and wines that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors on the terrace at the front or back of the restaurant.

La Strazza Tavern Conil de la Frontera

6.- La Strazza Tavern

The trendiest place in the area. It has a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Its chefs are always making an effort in the preparation of dishes and tapas, which has resulted in a great score according to customer reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor.

They have quite reasonable prices according to the quality they present.

Its decoration is simple and cozy, with a terrace to enjoy a coffee or a dessert to finish off the meal.

Reservations are recommended so as not to run out of room.

Bar el mirlo conil de la frontera

7.- Bar El Mirlo

In the Bar El Mirlo you will spend a pleasant time tasting homemade food in the best of environments.

Its cuisine is based on the seasonal product and km 0. What does this mean? They use local ingredients with the best flavor to enjoy the best dish. The best of the garden joins fresh fish and meats to become authentic delicacies.

Either in tapas or raciones, in its menu you can find fried pescaíto , stews of the day, grilled meats or meats in sauce, fish, rice, hamburgers, montaítos or salads.

They are in continuous renovation and offer suggestions outside the menu, as they give priority to the seasonal product that is in the market that day.

The restaurant has a large bar where you can see its tapas bar so you can choose the tapas you like the most, either hot or cold. They also offer traditional casseroles with french fries, homemade croquettes or fresher dishes such as timbale of prey or red tuna.

Bar El pasaje Conil de la Frontera

8.- The Passage

This bar has an indoor lounge and terrace. Tapas are available at the bar. Its specialty is the fish and seafood of the area. They have a special section dedicated to bluefin tuna. They play with traditional cuisine, although you can also find some more creative dishes. The most requested of the house are the salads with an imaginative touch, the tuna facera al Whisky or the fried puntillitas that they bring from Sanlúcar. Reservations are accepted.

Group 3 siblings

9.- Los Tres Hermanos Brewery

This brewery features Spanish cuisine as part of its menu. Its prices are affordable and you will be able to taste delicious homemade tapas and delicious fish. It has an attractive decoration and its great atmosphere helps its customers to feel relaxed and enjoy the moment with a good cold beer or an extraordinary wine, although you should not miss its lemonade, as some of its customers say, is unbeatable.

Los Hermanos Bar Conil de la Frontera

10.- Bar Los Hermanos

This bar is an obligatory stop for all lovers of fried fish, specifically tuna, which is its specialty. The characteristics that best define this place are the speed and quality of the tapas. Do not miss the assortment of fried fish and tuna burgers, delicious and at a very affordable price.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that they only serve at the bar and that their place is usually very crowded, although they are very very fast when it comes to service.

If you have stayed with more desire to know where to go for tapas in Conil and specifically the places where you can taste the best tuna, we leave you the Tuna Route in Conil.

And up to here the compilation of the best places for tapas in Conil de la Frontera.

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