3 One of the best wineries in Cádiz.

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3 One of the best wineries in Cádiz.

Wineries to visit …

In this news we present you three of the wineries that you should visit  if you come to the province of Cadiz.

We can also help you to stay on the coast of Cadiz. 

Osborne Winery (4.6⭑)

This winery is the best known in El Puerto as far as fine wine is concerned. A beautiful winery that offers guided tours, with an expert explaining the process step by step and the history of the wine. In addition, these visits are conducted in different languages, not only in Spanish. 

Address and contact:

– Fernán Caballero 7 Street, 11500 El Puerto de Santa María – Cádiz

– 956 86 90 00

– https://www.osborne.es/#

Bodegas Caballero (4.8⭑)

Another outstanding winery in El Puerto is Caballero’s. It is outstanding because it can be visited at the same time as the Castillo de San Marcos, since it is installed in the same castle. After the visit, the wines can be tasted in a room equipped for this purpose, so the experience offered is complete and of a high level. It is priced at quite affordable.

Address and contact:

– C/ San Francisco 32 11500, El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)

– 956 85 17 51- http://caballero.es/visitanos/

Bodegas Lustau (4,5⭑)

Bodegas Lustau is located in Jerez de la Frontera and was founded in 1896.

In their early years they produced wines for other wineries but, as time went by, they gained importance and became wine exporters. They became part of the Luis Caballero group of companies, which gave them a definitive boost to establish themselves as one of the best wineries in Jerez, from which they produce wines that are consumed all over the world.

Because of all this history, a guided visit to this winery is a must for any wine lover passing through Jerez.

Address and contact:

– Calle arcos, 53, 11402, Jerez de la frontera – Cadiz

– 956 34 15 97

– https://www.lustau.es/

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