6 water games for this summer

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6 water games for this summer

The summer months are the perfect time to take a well-deserved vacation with our loved ones. Families especially enjoy spending free time with their children. For which it is always infallible to offer the little ones a type of fun based on outdoor activities, if possible at the beach or at the swimming pool. We are going to offer 6 water games to enjoy this summer in the pool.

Conil is one of the destinations with private pools …

Also known as Conil de la Frontera, it is a town in Cadiz that is considered one of the most curious and picturesque of the Costa del Sol. And the fact is that it combines an economy strongly marked by fishing and tourism with a high ecological and historical value of the environment.

All in all, Conil is a very quiet and perfect area to spend the summer days. Although before moving to the town it is a good idea to look for information about the different accommodations that can be rented or booked during the months of June, July and August. And also our article of ” 6 water games for this summer will be very useful for your vacation if you choose a vacation with a swimming pool.

One of the most charming forms of residence is that of private apartments and villas. The reservation of these spaces for several nights is a phenomenon that in recent years has been progressively replacing the influx of tourists to hotels. That’s why we offer you this article containing a variety of water games for all ages.

This type of housing has fewer possibilities and is less conducive to the interaction and coexistence of family members. The temporary rental of a   villa with pool Conil   offers much more tranquility to the visitor, who thus has a whole private area and outdoors in which the smallest of the home can play safely.

For those who have already decided to book a   villa with pool Conil  and do not know how to entertain your children.

Here are 6 water games for this summer that can be played in the water and will keep them busy for a while with these water games:

1.- Jumps into the pool

A very simple game is always the jumping competition. Propose jumping as a game of jumping into the water standing up, head first, pump style….

Everyone knows how to dive bomb, or at least anyone who has spent all summer in a pool knows it. And we’ve all dunked the other swimmers with our bomb!!!!

Jumping into the pool

2.- Collection of objects

Another very dynamic option and perfect for when there are several children. A game in which children have to know how to dive and swim.

It would be that different objects are thrown into the water, some floating and others not. One of the people sends the players naming the object to bring. Whoever finds it first and deposits it at the feet of the referee wins the game.

Whoever has brought the most items is the final winner of the game.

Underwater object collection

3.- Water polo at user level

One of the most fun and complete to play in the pool. A net can be placed in the center of the pool to divide it into two equal parts. Two teams are made, one on each side.

The children must play a game of water polo and prevent the ball from landing on the water surface in their region delimited by the net.

The winner is the team that touches the ball in the water the least number of times in the time established by agreement between the two teams.

4.- Relay in the pool

A fun game that will test children’s skills. It is the relay pool game.

This activity is perfect for playing in teams. Consists of making a typical relay race, but this time including water.

It consists of…

That two teams are created; two people each will be sufficient.

The first thing to do is to warm up a little beforehand to prepare the muscles for the exercise. To avoid small injuries.

Each team will bring its own  object that will act as a relay. The race will start, the first player will take the relay to the next partner in the next player’s hand.

This one will be waiting on the other side of the pool. He will give him the relay and he will swim back to the start of the race.

The first of the two teams to finish the course will be proclaimed champion.

5.- The Bridge or Tunnel

Three to five children are needed to carry out the activity. You can make by teams as races or simply to play without competing.

The game consists of …

In which all the children except one will line up in the standing part of the pool, with their legs open. The child who has not been placed in the line must swim under the legs of his classmates, without getting out of the “tunnel” they have formed. If two or more teams play, the game becomes a race and in this case the team that completes the “tunnel” first wins.

The “tunnel”…

It can be rebuilt until you reach the other side of the pool. We explain it to you, whoever passes under the legs will be placed in the first position in the row.

To continue the “tunnel”, and whoever was last will be in charge of passing underneath all of his teammates and moving back into first position.

So on and so forth until the edge of the pool is reached. The team that arrives first is the winner of the game.

6.- Catch me if you can or shark

This last game can be played by the whole family, it is simple and easy to understand, it is a fun game to enjoy as a group in the pool.

The player who plays the role of the shark stays in the pool while the rest of the players have to dive in at the same time and try to swim across without being caught by the one who stays in the pool.

Only the fastest will be able to cross to the other side of the pool!

So far our news of games in the pool for young and old. Now if you want you can leave us a comment on our news…

You can also find accommodations with private pool  and with shared pool.

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