Basic movements in Surfing:

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Basic movements in Surfing:

Immerse yourself in the ocean, and ride the waves, a special feeling that you can try surfing (Basic movements in Surfing, we recommend you in this post). Waves of the Atlantic Ocean, overlooking Morocco…….impressive.

Basic movements in Surfing:

Take Off: It is the first maneuver that surfers do: it is the moment when they stop paddling lying on the board and move to the upright position, ready to glide over the wave.

Bottom Turn: As the name implies (bottom = bottom, turn = turn), this maneuver is the first turn after the take off.

Cut Back: once we have slid down the wall of the wave escaping from the breaker, make a turn of almost 180º to approach it again.

Reentry: consists of going up to the crest of the wave and making an abrupt 180-degree turn, then coming back down.

Floater: consists of sailing on the foam of a breaker.

Tube: consists of sliding inside the tube created by the breaking wave. This is considered the queen maneuver of surfing because of its difficulty and spectacularity.

Aerial (or Air): this is the name given to any maneuver that involves a take-off from the water and is therefore performed in the air.
“360”: It starts as a Reentry, but continues to rotate in the same direction 360 degrees.

“Snap”: It is a kind of cut-back performed more abruptly and with a smaller radius in the turn.
LongBoard maneuvers:

“Hang Five”: This involves walking the board until one of your feet is on the front of the board (called the nose).

“Hang ten”: Place both feet on the nose of the plank. It requires a lot of skill and wave speed because if not, the surfer would sink the board and fall into the water.

Drop Knee: This is the classic Longboard turn. It is like a cut back but with the back leg bent until the knee touches the plank.

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