Bolonia voted third best beach in Spain and fifth in Europe

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Bolonia voted third best beach in Spain and fifth in Europe

Bolonia voted third best beach in Spain and fifth in Europe

Bolonia beach is located in the municipality of Tarifa. In the region of Campo de Gibraltar in Andalusia, Spain, and in front of the Moroccan city of Tangier.

It is bordered to the west by Camarinal Point and to the east by Punta Paloma; inland it is bordered by the La Plata mountain range, theHiguera mountain range and the San Bartolomé hill.

Ranked third nationally and fifth in Europe. The best time for bathers is from spring to late summer, and it is recommended to visit when there is no levante.

Roman city of Baelo Claudia

Next to the beach are the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia, in an excellent state of preservation. The city was created from a Phoenician settlement, already at the end of the 2nd century BC, and a year later, the city reached its maximum splendor. It had great importance as a seaport, being the link with Africa. But it was the almadraba that provided the town with its main economic activity.

In 1917was discovered by a French archaeologist, and in 2013, four students from the University of Cadiz discovered the formula for the elaboration of “Garum”.which was the driving sauce of the TUNA FISHINGfrom here it was exported all over the world. Roman Empire. Currently, a visitor center and museum have been built, which can be visited next to the site every day (except Mondays).

In the western sector of the beach is the Bolonia dune. It is a natural monument declared in 2001 and of great ecological importance. Visit and climb a must if you come to this area, but the most important thing is the photo for our social networks telling our visit to the natural dune ¡eehh that I was here!!!!!

The ‘cove of Bolonia’ awarded for its natural, scenic, cultural and historical values. That are included in the ‘Register of Landscapes of Cultural Interest of Andalusia’.

Beach vacations continue to be a favorite choice for many domestic and international travelers.

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