Los Lances Beach (Tarifa)

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Los Lances Beach (Tarifa)

The beach of “Los Lances” is a beach located in the municipality of Tarifa, in the region of Campo de Gibraltar in Andalusia, Spain.

The Natural Site Los Lances beach, one of the many fine white sandy beaches of the city of Tarifa, is an open beach of 226 hectares of surface. From the site you can see the Strait of Gibraltar, the African coast and the coastal mountain range of the mountains of Rate.

With a length of 7250 meters from Punta la Peña and Punta de Tarifa.

And an average width of 120 meters, there are usually two different areas, Los Lances North, with a little urbanized beach away from large population centers and Los Lances South, very close to the city of Tarifa and with an extensive human occupation.

The separation between the two areas of the beach takes place by the Jara River.

This beach is one of the preferred beaches for windsurfing and other similar sports and has extensive facilities for users.

The tourism

It is by far the main source of wealth of the municipality, which was not a tourist destination due to the almost permanent presence of strong winds that were difficult to tolerate on the beaches.

It was precisely the practice of sailing sports, windsurfing and kitesurfing, which over the years has turned Tarifa into a first class destination for tourism that is not seasonal but permanent, with the benefits that this entails, in addition to a worldwide promotion of incalculable value.

The beach of “Los Lances ” being so extensive, lagoons are formed where kite-surfers can get started in kite-surfing, since there are no waves, the waters are calm and therefore make an easy   handling the kite.

Although all are welcome to kite in these natural sea lagoons of the Atlantic .

Los Lances beach, lagoons

   Los Lances Beach
   General characteristics
Length7250 meters
Average width120 meters
Occupancy rate    High
Degree of urbanization    Average
Composition    Fine sand

Other curiosities

Los Lances beach on windy days (levante as it is known in the area). Therefore, large waves are formed, being an excellent reference point to verify the size of the Atlantic swell. Plus wind direction or other important weather factors.

It should also be noted that from June 15 to September 15 it is forbidden to practice kitesurfing and windsurfing on this beach. So we will not find this same problem in Valdevaqueros beach. Where bathing is dangerous due to the number of boards and kites on the beach mentioned above.

This one will lose all its charm in the days of much levante, being more propitious for its bath its neighbor the Chica beach. Being more sheltered from this easterly wind.

Although to say that the Chica beach is a cove of very little length, becoming excessively saturated in the summer season. So if you are one of those who need your space, this option is not recommended either.

You know, if you want to understand and love Tarifa, one of the best option is to join this beach that we have shown you. And there is not only this one in Tarifa!

There are also other beaches to discover along the Tarifeña coast.

accommodations in Tarifa “Link”.

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