The Tavira tower, a privileged viewpoint in Cadiz

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The Tavira tower, a privileged viewpoint in Cadiz

Visiting La Torre Tavira

Enter the Torre Tavira. The best views of Cadiz. Enter the eighteenth century, the century of greatest splendor of the city, thanks to the Cadiz trade with the Indies.

The city of Cadiz boasts a good number of towers (134 in total) due to the boom in commerce that the city experienced due to its location.

The Tavira Tower, the highest point of the old town of Cadiz, with a pioneer attraction in Spain:  The C ight Chamber.

The first thing we do inside the tower, is to get into a dark room, where with the help of a Camera Obscura, we will enter a Tour of Cadiz in real time, but without moving from the site.

We will see projected the image of  Cadiz   in real time, and the guide will be moving this image to show us all the views from the same tower (a highly recommended experience).

After the session in the Camera Obscura, we go up to the rooftop where we will have an unobstructed view of Cadiz.

It is located on a “hill”, making it the same height as the Cathedral and offering views of the ocean and the city of Cadiz. They are the best views of the city, and offer a unique opportunity to take spectacular photos.

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