Typical festivities in Conil de la Frontera

fiestas de conil

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Typical festivities in Conil de la Frontera

As in any other town in Andalusia, Conil de la Frontera also has its own particular festivities.

Next, we will comment on the most popular festivals in the city:

San Sebastian Pilgrimage Festival

Pilgrimage of San Sebastian

The Pilgrimage of San Sebastian in Conil de la Frontera is celebrated in January, specifically on the Sunday closest to the 20th. It is a festival in honor of the patron saint of the city San Sebastian.

It is a pilgrimage that is more than five centuries old. The parishioners of Conil accompany their patron saint in pilgrimage every time this festivity arrives. A procession of religious origin, which currently brings together more than 20,000 people in a festival that lasts until nightfall in the pine forests of Colorado.

On that day the saint is taken from the village to the pine forest of El Colorado, accompanied by neighbors on foot, in carts adorned with flowers and riders on horseback. A picnic and barbecue day to spend with family and friends.

The hermitage disappeared in the nineteenth century and the pilgrimage fell into oblivion, but more than 30 years ago, the festival was recovered and returned stronger than ever, turned into a day to enjoy the countryside, friends, singing and dancing without forgetting the religious devotion.

This pilgrimage is also known as the Palmito festivities, due to the harvesting of this product of the earth from the roots of the native palm trees.

This pilgrimage takes place early in the morning accompanying the image of the saint in procession to the pine forests of Colorado.

For this small pilgrimage it is recommended to wear warm and comfortable clothes, as well as some insect repellent, since it is held in the middle of a pine forest. People who are allergic to caterpillars should also be especially careful, as the dust they emanate is often annoying.

Conil Carnival

In the Carnival of Conil de la Frontera the whole town dresses up to enjoy its gastronomic festivities and listen to the carnival groups. All shyness is abandoned, developing the party practically in the street with dances and costume contests and parades of groups.

This is one of everyone’s favorite holidays, as it creates a joyful and festive atmosphere that everyone enjoys.

May Crosses Festival

The May crosses are a religious and cultural tradition that is celebrated in many cities of Spain, also in Conil de la Frontera.

It consists of the construction of crosses decorated with flowers and other ornaments, which are placed in the streets and squares of cities and towns. These crosses are erected in honor of the Virgin Mary during the month of May, which is considered the month of Mary in the Catholic religion. It is a deeply rooted tradition in many communities and is celebrated with processions, masses and other religious and cultural events.

On this day, the neighbors dedicate themselves to decorate crosses of their own creation, participating in a contest of great local tradition.

Conil Colorado Fair Fiestas

El Colorado Spring Fair

When spring is about to give way to summer, the traditional Spring Fair of El Colorado is celebrated. The horse has an important place in it, as well as the gastronomy, the fruit and vegetable products of the area, which are exhibited to the public and some farm work. During the Fair, one afternoon is dedicated to children and another to senior citizens. The Fair ends with a parade that goes around the fairgrounds.

El Colorado is a hamlet of Conil, populated with houses and with its own services. It is about 3 km from the village.

The El Colorado Fair or also known as the Spring Fair, is a small and cozy fair. Cacharritos, stalls and booths set up in the middle of the pine forest. This fair has booths for both young people and families and where access is free.

Fair of the Virtues of Conil

This is an annual celebration that takes place in early September in honor of the patron saint of the town, Our Lady of Las Virtudes. The Conil Fair is known for its lively atmosphere and where you can taste the typical dishes, garden products, etc..

It is a small fair that is located on the seafront of Conil, where their booths, stalls and attractions are right on the beach. It can be enjoyed both in the morning and at night. Unlike other fairs, the entrance to the booths is completely free, where you can enjoy the typical rebujito and fried fish.

This fair also has an extensive program of activities that are carried out during the celebration of this fair.

Now you know some of the typical festivals of Conil de la Frontera that you can enjoy if you come for vacation rentals in Conil or vacation home on those dates.

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