Visiting Medina Sidonia province of Cádiz

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Visiting Medina Sidonia province of Cádiz

Visiting Medina Sidonia in the province of Cádiz

The town of Medina-Sidonia is a Spanish municipality located in the center of the province of Cadiz, Andalusia.

It belongs to the region of La Janda, of which it is the capital. Its geographical coordinates are 36º 27′ N, 5º 55′ W. It is located at an altitude of 337 meters and 45 kilometers from the provincial capital.

HISTORICAL REVIEW of the city of Medina Sidonia.

3,000 years old, awarded the prize for the Beautification of Andalusian Villages, and declared a Historic-Artistic Site and a Site of Cultural Interest in 2001.

To visit the city of Medina Sidonia is to take a walk through history. Discover and get to know among its streets, vestiges of the different civilizations that are part of the memory of the locality.

Recognized for the beauty of its characteristic white streets, the latticework of its balconies and windows, for its appreciated, genuine and delicious handmade sweets and for its rich gastronomy. Medina Sidonia is one of the most important historical and monumental towns in the province of Cadiz.

Both written and archaeological sources demonstrate the antiquity of the city, which due to its location and strategic enclave has played an important role in the historical process of the area.


Medina Sidonia stands out for its popular character in all the typical festivities of the province, it is worth mentioning in Christmas the living Bethlehem, as its streets become Judea for a few hours, taking care of even the smallest detail.

Then it’s time for Carnival, a party in which after the opening speech, irony and protest are unleashed through original costumes that participate in the cavalcade of humor and naughty lyrics of local chirigotas, comparsas and quartets.

Among the most important are: The fair and festivities, held in June of each year, is considered one of the oldest in the province for its livestock and horse exhibition.

The Cattle (Bovisidonia) and Horse (Equisidonia) Fair of Medina Sidonia is one of the oldest cattle fairs in Andalusia, whose origin dates back to the thirteenth century.

Bovisidonia, is a cattle competition, with special projection for the Retinta Retinta calf and Equisidonia, is a Purebred Spanish Horse competition.

Typical pastries

Typical sweets, besides the alfajor which is the most important of the locality are the Amarguillo, the Tortas pardas, the different types of nougat, the Piñonates, the Yemas, Mantecados, polvorones and other delicacies that do not leave indifferent the palate of those who try them.

Medina Sidonia applied for recognition as a Protected Geographical Indication. Its regulations were approved by the Junta de Andalucía in 2004.

From that moment on, the Producers’ Group was renamed the Control Board. It is responsible for certifying the origin and quality of the product through its back label.

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