Where to go out partying in Conil de la Frontera

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Where to go out partying in Conil de la Frontera

Conil de la Frontera is not only known for its beaches and the wide range of cultural activities it offers, but also for its festive nightlife. Many tourists spend their summer vacations here, as partying in Conil de la Frontera is one of the most outstanding activities in the municipality.

As you can see, the beaches, the almadraba, the gastronomy and the history of Conil are not its only tourist potential.

Every year, many young people come to Conil de la Frontera to enjoy a party atmosphere and to celebrate, among many other events, the well-known bachelor/bachelorette parties.

The best places to go out partying in Conil de la Frontera

Most of the nightlife is located in the old town of Conil de la Frontera and the promenade, specifically the Peñon street, where some bars and nightclubs are concentrated and that make it a very busy and lively area for the festive atmosphere.

Next, we will name the most popular discotheques and bars to go out to party in Conil de la Frontera.

La Luna Nightclub

In this bar, very popular in Conil, you can enjoy an unforgettable party. It has a modern and striking decoration and includes a peculiar aquarium with piranhas behind the bar. This place has two floors and a patio surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants so you can enjoy a Caribbean atmosphere and dreamy decor in the center of Conil.

The music is varied thanks to the presence of different DJ’s every weekend. The party at La Luna starts at 1:00 am and on the second floor you can enjoy an excellent cocktail service.

partying in Conil de la Frontera discotheque icaro

Icaro Nightclub

It is the biggest party place in Conil de la Frontera.

Located in the center, next to Plaza España, it reaches its peak between three and seven in the morning, where attendees live unforgettable experiences.

The facility has a giant screen, one of the best sound systems on the market and an excellent mixing desk. The combination of sounds, images and lights makes this place the perfect choice for dancing until dawn. It has two dance floors, an advantage thanks to the large size of the premises.

It also has a team in charge of organizing events and it is possible to make VIP reservations to enjoy the place at a higher level.

Bar La Tertulia

It is a charming bar located in an old Conileña style house. It has several lounges and a patio where you can enjoy the summer evening atmosphere, outdoors and in a relaxed manner.

If you are looking for a quiet place to chat and have a nice time with your friends, family or partner, this is one of the most ideal places for it.

The quality of the drinks and its good price make it one of the most competitive bars in the area, without forgetting the good preparation of cocktails, mojitos and caipirinhas.

Life Beach & Friends

This place is very popular in Conil de la Frontera and is known for the quality and variety of its cocktails, which are considered the best in the area. The elaboration of these cocktails with fresh fruit is carried out with great care, which allows them to reach maximum perfection.

The menu offers a wide variety of drinks, including classics such as mojito, caipirinha, strawberry colada and a delicious exclusive cocktail called “Life”. They also offer non-alcoholic options, including a wide variety of fruit smoothies.

Despite not being a very large place, they have tables on the street where you can enjoy a quiet evening with friends, family or partner while sharing and enjoying the drinks and the atmosphere of the place.

The restless house

If you are looking for a quieter place to start the night, La Casa Inquieta has become one of the most popular places.

Its location is in a centrally located manor house, next to the Arco de la Villa. It has a large number of rooms and seats to converse and enjoy the moment in greater comfort.

It offers live performances on weekends with different themes, such as 70’s rock, jazz, among other styles. It also offers quality drinks and cocktails that do not disappoint anyone who tries them.

The Carriage

We can say that it is a place near the Plaza de Santa Catalina, with a nice style and atmosphere that identifies with the culture of Conil.

It is characterized by performing live and daily, with music of different styles and for all tastes, from traditional Sevillanas to rock of the 80s or 90s.

Another highlight is its high quality drinks and cocktails that provide a respite on the hottest summer nights. If you are looking for a quieter place without so much partying, this may be a good option.

As you can see, the offer of leisure and entertainment for partying in Conil de la Frontera is very wide, where you can do activities both day and night. A place full of life and fun for everyone who visits this town, especially in summer.

If you are in the mood for a more relaxed or cultural style plan, we recommend you to take a look at the hiking trails in Conil de la Frontera or to the typical festivals in Conil de la Frontera so that you can write them down on your next trip to this magnificent town.

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